Literary Review

Literary Review


Women in Read was born in a classroom, of nine young women gathered to review and rejoice in literature, art, and influence that will shape the world. Our words, whether implicit or explicit, are a reflection of the ways in which young women engage with contemporary work by authors of all genders and all backgrounds. Our mission is to celebrate the relationship of women to literature and art, not by simply offering our praises, but by offering our feelings, our experiences, and our intellects as avenues for exploration of literary ingenuity, impact, and invention. We celebrate ourselves as young women readers even as we examine the work of men that molds young minds and directly impacts the future of women in literature. As women, as scholars, as girls grown in a man’s garden, we aim with full intention to change the way our eyes, hearts, and minds carry the work of the world back out to our hands and to the soil of the next generation of women who read.

With Love,

the Women of Women in Read